Thursday, September 12, 2019

978 continues..

Bah sambung sikit lagi about my anak..

Darjah satu sudah sekarang, lost a few teeth and yang kekal ada yg tumbuh sudah, orange belt in Shotokan Karate and currently obsessed with bowling.  Begaya nombor satu.. nowadays, kalau mau jalan mesti dia tanya where are we going? Kalau pakai baju tidur memang no way he wants to go to the mall πŸ˜€Malu kalau tejumpa kawan kunun πŸ˜†


These past 2 years, I have lost 2 family members both from my mother's side to cancer 😒 One is my mom's eldest sister and the other is her younger brother.  I really really HATE cancer.  Makcik L lama sudah kena diagnose with breast cancer, she was diagnosed a few years earlier than my mom but she is one strong fighter.  Memang dia kuat lawan penyakitnya, rarely could you see her looking weak or sick, even lepas treatments.  She really was a fierce fighter.  Uncle T on the other hand fought a short battle. He was diagnose with colon cancer and not more than a year later he left us.. Uncle T was a good leader and great person.  He was loved by many and many mourned him still till today. 
Moving on to a happier note, my baby brother finished his masters in Manchester University and is currently work di KK juga as a sivil servant.. Jadinya sekarang 2 out of 3 Aakaabt siblings tinggal di Sabah and satu masi tertinggal di KL.. InsyaAllah ada rezeki memang dorang pun mau balik juga tu kerja di Sabah, tau la hujan emas dinegeri orang hujan batu dinegeri sendiri bla bla bla.. hahaha.. Oh, and another big news, our little family of three is expanding! Yes.. my anak is going to be big brother insyaAllah soon.. I am going to blog about it soon ok.. Promise..

I have been dying to move out of my IL's place for quite sometime now.. Bukan la sebab dorang jahat ka apa its just that I want us live on our own.  Susahnya mau berumah sendiri ni Allah ja yang tahu. Banyak betul cabaran dan dugaannya huhu.. Alhamdulillah, we're a step closer now, rumah tengah renovation, rezeki baby dalam perut ni barangkali.. I am really hoping boleh siap sebelum my edd.. Doakan ya.. semoga Allah permudahkan.. Aamiin..

I would think that I have grown kalau tidak banyak pun sedikit dalam perkhidmatan walaupun after 13 years masi jugak teda kemajuan kerjaya (sadddddd)  Office politics sucks and is such a pain in the ass especially untuk someone like me yang tidak pandai mau suck up and kipas bontot.. Sometimes macam jatuh jugak motivasi diri untuk bekerja bila tengok orang senang - senang naik but as for me no matter how much I struggle to do a good job masi juga tidak kena tengok πŸ˜‘ Thats the reality of life i guess.  Ayat penyenang hati, rezeki masing - masing.. huhuhu walaupun rasa teraniaya terima jak la.. there are other rezeki kan (pun ayat kasi senang hati) ? InsyaAllah my time will come..  While my kerja hakiki looks bleak at the moment, I have managed to get on the YL Silver Retreat (yay!!) I am an independent Young Living distributor so kalau ada mo beli product YL boleh contact I yer 😊 Sepatutnya the trip will be end of this month tapi memandangkan I am currently heavily pregnant I have to defer to next year.  So, I'll see you next September 2020 Utah!

Apa lagi mau update ni aa?? I guess that is more or less apa yg berlaku in the past 978 days.. Nanti I continue lagi with my pregnancy post.. Till then..


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